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In addition to the Participative Methodology and the Case Study Method, our learning process is centered on the comprehensive training and the personalized attention to our participants.

360º Evaluation

This tool is the point of departure which makes it possible for the participant to:
Identify his most developed management competencies and which ones require development or reinforcement.
Prepare an action plan for reaching his objectives for personal and professional development.

30, 60 and 90 evaluation

During development of the program, the participants will be evaluated individually on their progress in managing the Case Method (analysis, problem identification, diagnosis and decision making). The company will receive reports on the progress of its participants.

Program Director

The Program Director facilitates the learning process and offers personalized attention to our participants, encouraging the process of development of their management capabilities and evaluating the way in which new knowledge and competencies are applied.

Human Development

We understand as Human Development, the training and education of all the human capacities and qualities that are important for the character and personality formation.

ICAMI provides the way to model and build the personality to achieve the goal of growing as individuals to serve as professional, persons, parents and members of society.