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Closure PCG – 55

Center Region | 10 Jun 2015

Foto de generación PCG 45 ICAMI

Management Competencies Improvement, forty-fifth generation – On May 4, in the Central Region ICAMI facilities, an emotional closing program PCG lived.

By the ICAMI, Program Director, Lic. Mario Andrés Fernández and the Director General, Ing. Alfonso Gomez Aguilera, welcomed the participation of each of these, their families and their businesses to conclude this stage of formation successfully .

The President, Claudia Marin Monterroso commented:

“Let us not put into practice with great creativity, responsibility and positively assertive knowledge gained during these months, keep in mind that growth as people and professionals limit depends on each of us place ourselves … And we know that this group It has no limits. “

Also, the Vice President, Octavio Ledezma Sanchez spoke as follows:

“Today we celebrate the end of an era and it is important to thank God, family, teachers, Mario to our businesses, and of course the PCG 45. Here it is worth noting that the welcome was a session between peers and today a cases following is an honor to be in this group of friends, where camaraderie and friendship above all productive sessions plus many became fun.

Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling five balls in the air. These are: Your job, – Your Family – Your Health, Your friends, and – Your Spiritual Life, and you keep all these in the air.

Soon you will realize that the job is like a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce and come back. But the other four balls: Family, Health, Friends and Spirit are fragile as glass. If you drop one of these, will irrevocably splintered, marked, nicked, damaged ye even broken. Never be the same again.

Live intensely and remember: Before talking … Listen! Before writing … Think! Before criticizing … Examines! Before hurt … Feel! Before praying Sorry! Before spending … Win! Before surrendering Try!


Facts: We finished a stage in which many teachers and say we build a good group.

Problem: I will miss a lot.

Alternative solutions: Understand that what is learned is to train people and not just results. Keep in touch “

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and dedication!