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Our learning system

Discover – Decide – Increase

With this Methodology, the participants become active agents in the creation and management of knowledge.

This methodology implies:

  • Reasoned learning; understanding through intelligence more than by use of rote memory.
  • Dialogue, which forces the participant to think.
  • Search for objectivity, starting with reality.
  • Start with experience, to seek new ways of acting.


The Case Method

The Case Method, used in the leading business schools of the world, is a method of reasoned learning in which the participant progressively discovers the vocation of management from individuals and from companies.

It encourages the exchange of experiences and a proactive attitude in the analysis and synthesis of actual business cases which are presented for discussion:

  • At an individual level
  • In a context of teamwork, and
  • In keynote sessions

Benefits of the Case Method

  • Provides learning in the identification of problems, diagnosing and improving the response capability.
  • Promotes development of critical analysis, broadening decision-making capacity.
  • Allows for experiential learning.
  • Encourages learning to work as a team.
  • Helps develop the imagination, contributing value-added solutions for the company.