Our programs improve management skills through comprehensive training and focus on ethics.

Our methodology, the Case Method, has being used within the main business schools worldwide.

NOur teachers are indeed executives and directors of companies.

Continuous updating and knowledge interchange with our ally: IPADE Business School

In ICAMI each group has a Program Director, who follows up each participant’s job, supporting them in the development of management skills.


Leadership of middle managers demands a comprehensive training.



Designed for those who occupy a management position or those who report directly to managers of organizations.


Addressed to those who hold a position of department head or similar, or those who report to the managerial levels of the organization.


Addressed to supervisors of operations in businesses and organizations.

Special Programs

We work together to design your ideal program


Exclusive for our graduates.

Online Programs

In ICAMI we have developed a new online concept to reach people and influence on them through personalized, close, professional, and continuous manner.

It is composed of 4 focused programs, know them, and choose the one that best suits the needs of the company.

HR Talent & Future

The Companies need that people dedicated at the talent management to promote the cultural changes and digital transformation required to remain competitive in the marketplace, as well as to improve their decision making in the[...]

Women and Growth

Women in leadership positions, who seek to further develop their competencies and skills to achieve a greater contribution to the organization, expanding their repertoire of management strategies to form better work teams, give better results,[...]

Consultative Sales Program

We perfect the skills and techniques for consultative selling in order to create bonds and lasting business relationships.

Better Persons, Greater Results


A skill is an ability or aptitude habitual and observable, hence assessable and improbable that makes possible for people to be successful in their activity or function.

Our Methodology

Decide • Discover • Increase

Participants become creative agents and manage knowledge. Starting from the experience, looking for new ways of acting.

Case Method

This method consists of handling the Company problems not based on theoretical books and generalizations, but through the collective discussion of the real situation, at a given time, of a specific company. Therefore, the participant’s active intervention is essential for the proper development of the course.


Our professors are experts in the Case Method. They are owners of companies, council presidents or have directive experience.


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