Consultative Sales Program


Comprehensive interactive training
In these difficult times, ICAMI trains people to face major changes.


We perfect the skills and techniques for consultative selling in order to create bonds and lasting business relationships.


ICAMI Training and Development Center Management.
Founded more than 50 years ago with the purpose of to train middle management (Managers, Chiefs and Supervisors), as well as leaders of small and medium sized companies.

Our objective is that middle management, through their solid operational experience and with our programs, become the leaders who make strategies a reality in the organizations, taking on the challenge of leading the work teams towards the goals set by the General Management.

The ethical and formative content is fundamental in all our programs.

Comprehensive interactive online training is achieved through:

  • The continuous contribution of knowledge, skills and experiences of the participant in the sessions.
  • The focus on the development of competencies and good habits in the participants with the help and continuous advice from the Program Director and the Professors.
  • The collaborative work of the participant in the team and in the plenary session for the resolution of real and current cases.
  • The exchange of experiences with session partners.
  • The realization of exercises and dynamics focused on action-oriented exercises and dynamics in the participative conferences.

With more than 50 years of experience, working hand in hand with companies, our programs strengthen management competencies; according to the profile and needs of our clients.


Currently, the digital trend leads us to establish strategies and objectives in all areas of the company, especially in the commercial area. It is essential to adapt to change and the need to reinforce competencies to face these challenges and generate new ways of relating to customers and companies.

Adapting to this new reality is no easy task, requires a commitment to the integral training of the sales force.


Situation analysis and diagnosis of needs in times of crisis. 4hrs
Innovation and creativity for online selling, paradigm shift in consultative selling. 4hrs
Sales competencies: What are they and how to develop them? 4hrs
Mental models and personal perspectives 4hrs
The online consultative selling cycle 2hrs
Interpersonal communication: active listening and assertiveness 2hrs
Self-diagnosis of relational intelligence 2hrs
Emotional intelligence and frustration management 2hrs
Customer knowledge and prospecting principles 4hrs
Networking: principles and online tools 4hrs
Sales communication matrix 4hrs
The trust equation in consultative selling 4hrs
Consolidation of needs and scope delimitation 2hrs
Self-diagnosis of negotiation style 2hrs
Principled negotiation 2hrs
Portfolio management 2hrs
Argumentation, objection management and competitive strategies 4hrs
Sales closing and expectation management 4hrs
Personal alignment and unity of life 4hrs
64 hours of duration


At ICAMI we perfect the human and technical competencies for consultative selling in order to make a closer commercial negotiation.

In this way, we create unique experiences in negotiation and sales closing, in order to generate bonds and long-lasting commercial relationships.

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