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Comprehensive interactive training
Better persons, greater results


Strategic contribution of talent in the future of the company.


The Companies need that people dedicated at the talent management to promote the cultural changes and digital transformation required to remain competitive in the marketplace, as well as to improve their decision making in the light of current circumstances.


To develop in the participants a clear vision on how to manage and take advantage of the existing talent.

To visualize organizational structures more in line with the new characteristics of talent.
Identify the best practices to develop, manage, integrate and engage the talent in the new ways of multicultural, multigenerational, remote and diverse teamwork.

Develop a mindset that knows how to take full advantage of cultural changes and digital opportunities to create a more efficient culture in the organization.

Improve the specific competencies of the people who manage the talent to achieve better results in the implementation of strategies.


Be able to contribute to the organization’s strategy by aligning talent management practices and processes to achieve results.

Develop a more human sense that will allow you to care for the welfare of employees so that they achieve both organizational and personal objectives.

Make better use of talent by developing organizational structures in line with the new circumstances faced by companies in terms of internal development.

Find the way to redefine organizational models in light of the new forms of digital work.

Consider practical aspects to configure the KPI ́S according to the existing talent.

Define what modifications you need to make to your practices and processes to promote change in the organization.

Develop the competencies and skills to promote the changes required by the organization in a clear, timely and agile manner.


  1. Talent Partner: a new vision.
  2. The person at the center of the organization (employee experience in the organization and its life cycle).
  3. Understanding, strategy and execution.
  4. Change Management: power and influence.
  5. Social responsibility “in house” I. Attraction and permanence.
  6. Social responsibility “in house” II. Emotional salaries. Specific benefits and perks.
  7. Return on investment in talent. (Learning to sell internally the benefits of investment in HR).
  8. Budget management: Utility centers and cost centers.
  9. Talent Map: Opportunity cost in talent management.
  10. New schemes for measuring and leveraging talent. Design of KPIs.
  11. Promotion of cultural changes and digital transformation.
  12. Transformation maps: Implementation of technologies in the technologies in the area of people for business efficiency.
  13. People analytics: Big Data applications to talent development.
  14. Redefinition of organizational models – Formation of multigenerational teams.
  15. Redefining organizational models – How to implement agile methodologies in teamwork I.
  16. Redefining organizational models – Home office. Control and trust.
  17. Training Itineraries 1: Upskilling: Identification and development of development of competencies of people with potential in the same task.
  18. Training Itineraries 2: Reskilling: Identification and development of people with development of people with potential for new tasks.
  19. Application of Nom 035 I, Basic aspects.
  20. Application of Nom 035 II Application and practical considerations.
  21. Inclusion and equity I
  22. Inclusion and equity II
  23. Importance of generating stable family environments with the co-workers for better work development.
  24. How to promote a family-responsible environment in the organization.
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